Orkney Skate Trust Researching Flapper Skate egg case gestation

The Orkney Skate Trust is currently conducting research into the gestation period of Flapper Skate egg cases. 

More to follow on this project soon

Image shows two Dipturus intermedia egg cases.  The left egg case is a hatched egg case in good condition and not suffered erosion damage.  The right egg case is alive and contains the embryo of a skate.  It is clear that the fibrous outer layer is is much better condition in the alive egg case than the hatched egg case. The two egg cases were recovered by diver (MV Fair Fortune) and returned back to the seabed.

Image shows Dipturus intermedia egg cases that have been collected from the beach.  The egg cases show the changes that occur as the egg cases becomes eroded by water movements and then as it becomes dessicated on the shoreline.